Vein Conditions We Treat

Venous disease is an inherited condition that often gets worse with age.  Our veins bring blood from our extremities back to the heart, using a system of valves so blood is able to go against gravity.  People with venous disease are born with leaky valves, causing blood to flow both up and down, often pooling at the ankles.  This condition is called reflux and can cause a variety of conditions. The Muto Vein Center specializes in treating venous disease using the latest and most effective techniques.

Varicose veins are enlarged (swollen), twisted veins that typically appear on the leg, between the thigh and foot. Learn more about varicose veins, causes, and treatment.

The Muto Vein Center is proud to accept most private and managed care insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.  For those paying directly, we strive to offer top care for a fair, affordable price. 

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